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United States
My photography account :iconbokehmono:

I am a self taught artist that specializes in science fiction and fantasy creatures of my own design.
I am laid back and generally very approachable; do not be afraid to start up a conversation with me as I can be very chatty!
Having a passion for insects/arthropods/arachnids I wish that some day I will at least be able to study into entomology.
The creatures and people you see in my gallery mean the world to me. They are my passion and my second family; I devote much of my time to them.

I am a kid at heart when it comes to my interests. One of my biggest loves is figurines and model kits from various TV shows and movies. Things such as Zoids; Transformers and other robotic creations fascinate me.

I am humbled that anyone would take a liking to my work. I appreciate every single comment and favorite; though I may not be too active at times, keep in mind that I read EVERYTHING people take the time to write me!

=Keep in mind all of my OC races are closed; meaning you are not allowed to freely make your own without my permission. Please respect that.=

Liger Zero LOL Stamp by Gokulover4ever Kenpachi Zaraki Stamp by VAL0VE Digimon Animated Stamp 007 by hanakt 563 - Cofagrigus by PokeStampsDex

I love Ibexes by WishmasterAlchemist I Love Centipedes Stamp by Leeanix horn love stamp by Delfim I love Ravens by WishmasterAlchemist

Monsters by skinnyveestamp Heart Centaurs stamp by Viergacht I heart Zombies by BlakkReign Yokai stamp by spiralofvertigo

Sci-fi addict by Maylar Horror stamp by test-page Studio Ghibli Fan by Sharkfold


Venom Swift by spiralofvertigo
Venom Swift

Sketch of a Venom subspecies of Swifthorn.

These guys have very specific features and look a bit demonic which is why Lanian residents tend to fear them. That and they are highly venomous; points of venom delivery being in the fangs and tail.
It Was Never Your Fault by spiralofvertigo
It Was Never Your Fault

“It was never your fault”

Jeckdaw (the smaller alien; a Delomnis) is not EXACTLY Uku’na’s (BIG GUY; a Crescent) boyfriend but they are friends since childhood and have had at least semi romantic interest in each other for a long time.

Uku’na however is married with a son now but their connection has never wavered. Uku’s wife; Yam’ai, never really minded their relationship as she is good friends with Jeckdaw as well.

The Crescents have a long lifespan of a possible 200 years; but as they get older they literally lose their minds. They become feral and completely lose their personality. They retain their memories but become unable to respond intelligibly when someone tries to communicate with them; though they still have moments of awareness and are able to speak clearly for a few days until they are overcome again..
They basically become feral minded and this awful condition can start as early as age 100 but normally becomes more prominent and completely untreatable around at 150.About 65% of their entire population are predisposed to this condition. All of their scientists are attempting to work on a cure and they have partnered with other species near their homes such as the Delomnis and Swifthorn to research.The infected Crescents become violent so they are not allowed to stay in their homes. Their species owns a HUGE plot of land where they take the infected so that they can live out the rest of their lives. Unfortunately this land is connected with the Crypth society and there are a lot of nasty run ins involving Crypth and feral Crescents.

Uku’na has long since been affected with this condition; he isn’t able to communicate with his loved ones much anymore and he has been violent towards them more than once in a feral outrage. This is a scene where he is going through a moment of terrible clarity remembering that he was the one who severed Jeckdaw’s arm.

I would love to do a comic based on their story. I have so many short stories I want to express with comics but I am just unsure if I’d be able to pull it off haha.

Delomnis 2016 by spiralofvertigo
Delomnis 2016

I’ve been working on the Delomnis race for a long long long time and I saw them differently lately so here is the updated look for them.

I adore how they came out so much; this is how I’ve always saw them but couldn’t get them drawn right.

The Delomnis males have bright colors like birds do but the males have toxic saliva so it’s a warning as well. The females are beefier and don’t really NEED TOXICITY TO DEFEND THEMSELVES.

The Delomnis race resides with me
Zash Ref Upload by spiralofvertigo
Zash Ref Upload

It’s been a very long time since I drew a Ned’lak so I figured I would draw up a reference for Zash.

Zash is a merchant Ned’lak that travels around the deserts and sells some helpful survival gear.

Zash and the Ned’lak species reside with mee

Here’s something fun I thought I might try.

The first one that can correctly answer two questions about me gets a free drawing. How finished that drawing gets depends on my motivation at the time but it will at LEAST be a full body polished sketch.

You have to answer BOTH correctly but if no one can answer both and someone gets one right I’ll let them have it.


1. What is my favorite color?

2. Who was my first crush as a kid?

We have a winner!

:iconfaullyn: THAT WAS FUN.

I gave them a second chance on the color in a note so the answers are: Green and Bowser.
  • Listening to: Tribe Society - Kings
  • Playing: Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth
  • Eating: pasta
  • Drinking: Coffee

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